Jbpm6 developer guide 读书笔记

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Some questions that I’ve found useful for these interviews are as follows:

  • What is your role in process X?
  • Which screens do you use to complete the activity X?
  • Are you doing paper work? What kind of forms are you filling out?
  • Is the activity related to the review of information sent by another person or system?
  • Are you an expert of a specific topic? Are you the only one responsible for that
  • activity? Are there more people trained for that specific activity?
  • How many activities are you doing inside a specific business process?
  • How many activities related to different business processes are you currently doing? (per day/week/month)
  • Do you need to move information from one place to another by moving paper forms
  • to different departments or using the postal service?
  • Do you use e-mail/chat as a communication channel to send information to customers or to other business units?
  • Do you interact directly with customers/clients face to face?
  • Are you aware of the BPM practice and why the company wants to adopt it?
  • Are you handling duplicate or unnecessary information?
  • What are the well-known flaws of your activities?
  • How do you deal with exceptional situations, missing pieces of information, or new cases?